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Siang lu
Rgb web cover the whitewash 9780702265730
Episode 9
Sian, Keith and Cate are joined by Siang Lu to discuss his searing debut novel about the whitewashing of the Asian film industry, told in the form of an oral documentary.

The Whitewash
 is the definitive oral history of the whole sordid mess. Unofficial. Unasked for. Only intermittently fact-checked, and featuring a fool’s gallery of actors, producers, directors, film historians and scummy click-bait journalists, to answer the question of how it all went so horribly, horribly wrong.
The Whitewash is out now and published by UQP.
Plus..you can listen online at RMR
AND check out The Beige Index.

The Beige Index is the Bechdel Test for race, exploring ethnic representation on the IMDb Top 250 Films.

Hot takes and data viz by co-creators Siang Lu and Jonathan O’Brien.