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Meet Undalup Association, our Cultural Partner.


undalup association

Undalup Association is a not-for-profit organisation formed in 2012 by a group of passionate people turning ideas into reality. Undalup is the Wadandi word for Busselton named after a great Wadandi Warrior, ‘Undal’. Undalup Members believe that “from little things, big things grow”.

Undalup’s vision is to share the culture, traditions, knowledge and history of the Wadandi people with the broader South West communities – to impart an understanding of the importance of Boodja (Country) and to teach the significance of and respect for the Wadandi Elders and Traditional Custodians. 

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the Wadandi people

The Wadandi People have a long association with the South West and its natural resources. Aboriginal lore (learning and knowledge of tradition) dictates how best to keep “Caring for Country” and this is something the Undalup Association is sharing with the broader South West communities.

Aboriginal heritage is a central element in Aboriginal spirituality and customary lore and is inseparable from the natural environment which is associated with dreaming stories and cultural learning that links Aboriginal people with who they are and where they belong. Its conservation ensures continued respect for the ancestors and ancestral beings who shaped the land.

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