Because We’re Black! is a new play by emerging Nyul Nyul playwright Melody Dia

Hard-working single mum Fran is raising her two kids in a world where just being Aboriginal keeps adding to her struggles.  As she tries to navigate through a major personal dilemma, her children are pulling away from her beliefs, when all she is trying to do is prepare them for the real world that she has known to be cruel and hard because of the colour of her skin.

When an incident happens that will question all their beliefs, Fran must consider how her behaviour might be affecting her kids, and perhaps certain changes that are happening today might mean her children will have a better future.

Teaser performance readings followed by Q&A with Melody Dia and the creative team.

Saturday 13 May @ 1.20pm

Sunday 14 May @ 1.20pm

Free, open to all (limited capacity)

Proudly supported by DLGSC, Regional Arts WA, Goolarri Media Entertainment Indigenous Writers Program, Magabala Books, Ilbijerri Theatre Company and Arts Margaret River.