Welcome to the Storytelling Snug.

Come and meet the Young Readers & Writers Program authors and enjoy free storytelling, creative drawing and inspirational imagination sessions.

Sessions will run: Saturday 15th May & Sunday 16th May from 10am – 4pm

Please check the timetable outside the snug for the latest updates on sessions and timings.
Sessions cannot be pre-booked, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Rebecca higgie

Origami Mischief with Rebecca Higgie

Join author Rebecca Higgie for a session about the mischief and magic in her book The History of Mischief. You’ll learn how to make an origami crane and use it for your own brand of mischief! The History of Mischief is a YA novel featuring history, mystery and magic, and this session is suitable for all ages.

Paper and scissors will be used in this session

Meet Rebecca

Being Wildly Kind with award winning kid’s author Josh Langley.  

Josh shows kids how they can tap into their wildly kind powers and bring happiness to other people, animals and the world around them! Josh does a fun reading of his latest book Being Wildly Kind, discusses ideas on ways to be kind and finishes with a fun drawing activity. 

Paper, crayons and clipboards will be used in this session

Meet Josh
Josh langley author head shot small e1546752542240
Gabriel evans author

A Human for Kingsley with Gabriel Evans

Drawing the Perfect Human for a Dog – an Illustration Workshop

Join author and illustrator, Gabriel Evans, for a fun and hands-on illustration workshop making picture book characters. In his latest book, A Human for Kingsley, a dog called Kingsley searches for the perfect human companion – but discovers a good friend is hard to find. Discover tips and tricks on drawing a picture book character and make your own ‘perfect’ human for Kingsley. For ages 5+.

Pencils, A4 paper and a whiteboard will be used in this session

Meet Gabriel

Littlelight with Kelly Canby

When bricks start to go missing from the walls surrounding the town of Littlelight, the mayor whips his citizens into a frenzy of fear-filled aggravation but it doesn’t take long for the townspeople to realise that breaking down walls allows them to discover new sounds, new foods, new music and new experiences. A fun, interactive session of reading and drawing.

Pencils, crayons and paper will be used in this session

Meet Kelly
Kelly canby ll headshot
Mark greenwood

Every Stone Has A Story with Mark Greenwood

Have you ever held lightning…or dinosaur poop? Are meteorites magnetic? Do you know how to spot the difference between real gold and ‘fool’s gold’? Join Mark Greenwood, award winning author of The Book of Stone, for a hands-on exploration of nature’s treasures – from crystals and fossils, to gemstones and meteorites from Mars and beyond, this interactive presentation explores the wonders of the natural world.

It begins one stone at a time…

Meet Mark

BEDTIME, DADDY! with Sharon Giltrow

Join Sharon Giltrow, author of the hilarious picture book, BEDTIME, DADDY! as she shows you how to put a daddy to bed. Help her to battle endless bedtime excuses and use ‘go away’ monster spray to finally get daddy to sleep. Then make your very own Daddy Bear clock to take home.

Paper, card and scissors will be used in this session


Meet Sharon
Sharon giltrow

Session times

Saturday 15th may

10am – Mark Greenwood
11am – Kelly Canby
12noon – Gabriel Evans
1pm – Josh Langley
2pm – Mark Greenwood
3pm – Sharon Giltrow

Sunday 16th May

10am – Rebecca Higgie
11am – Sharon Giltrow
12noon – Josh Langley
1pm – Kelly Canby
2pm – Gabriel Evans
3pm – Free play and drawing

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